Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the name is...

On Tuesday Rosh Chodesh Elul, we brought our new baby boy into the covenant of Avraham. His name is Elyashiv Yisrael. We choose this name for two reasons.

1. Elyashiv Yisrael means: May G-d return Israel. We hope that he is only the start of the Jews returning to their homeland in the State of Israel (yes that means you!)

2. Being that we are entering the Jewish month of Elul, which is a month getting prepared for the high holydays, we hope that he will help bring our family and the Jewish nation closer to Hashem.

Sorry for all the English only speakers that are having a hard time with the name. El-ya-shiv. You'll get used to it. :-)

Ill get some pics up here ASAP

Mazel Tov: Its a boy!

Here are some pics for after the birth of our 3.8Kg baby boy. He was born around 4:40am on the 23 of the month of Av

These pics are the day the baby left the hostpital in Beer Sheva