Monday, January 4, 2010

My bday party (hebrew bday)

Don't be shocked. Some of these pics are of Eden and Yosef licking sprinkles that fell on the floor. Gross!

Sandock Family Update

I haven't posted in a long time so Ill give a little update. Eden is about 2.5 years old and Yosef is 14 months old. I myself have a birthday today (my hebrew bday). Im 28. I feel like I'm ten still. I was just telling Yaara how weird it is for me when people talk to me like a grownup. Like when someone says Mr. Sandock. I'm like, "thats my dad". Anyways, we still live in our little hut down in the Negev. No missles here lately ;-) We are looking into building a house a few miles away. Donations can be depostited to my bank account. I only accept cash or checks though. No late payments accepted. I've also started a new job (finally) at a software company called Amdocs. It is based out of St. Louis. They make the software that runs your cellular company's customer databases. Its a nice job and hopefully I will be able to work my way up after some time. Yaara is kept busy with the kids and her little projects here and there of teaching guitar lessons or other things. We are expecting a new member of the family coming this summer. Besides the lizard that I'm dying to buy still. Thats about it here. Questions or comments to

Some pics from Hanukah

Here are some pics from Hanukah. Sorry I've been lazy lately :-)