Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pics from our Passover trip

Our trip started out before Shabbat at the Mavoah Spring 20 mins east of Jerusalem. After Shabbat we headed south to Mazada and camped out below the mountain in the middle of the desert. In the morning we headed a bit north to the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. It was HOT and a long day. From there, we headed north through the Jordan Valley and camped out in the middle of a field in Emek Beit Shean next to a spring. In the morning after a good night sleep we headed towards the northern side of the Sea of Galilee and did a short hike with the kiddies in the Madjrades river. This day was packed and our plans kept changing. We ended up at the end of the day just below the Hermon Mt for a picknick. The country was green, hot, and packed everywhere with vaccationers. Late night we head back for the south, in a horrible traffic jam, and will continue our next stage somewhere around there.