Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm a baker!

A bunch of families in our moshav got together and bought an oven for making matzot. The entire moshav got together and made "matzot shmurot" all day long. It is a very short process that has to be carried out very carefully for them to be kosher. Matza "shmurah" means that the flour has been kept away from any source of water from the time it was taken from the field to the time that the water for making the matzot is poured onto it. Before anyone can begin nails are cut, hands and beards srubbed, tables covered with paper, and pockets checked. All this to make sure that no Chametz comes in contact with the dough. From the time the water touches the flour a stop watch is started with 18 mins. 18 mins is the time described in the Gamara. During these 18 mins, the dough can't be left untouched. It must keep on being moved so it doesn't rise. After the 18 mins are up, anything that hasn't made it into the oven is thrown out. Table mats are switched, rolling pins sanded, hands scrubbed, aprons switched, and matzot checked to make sure they are 100% kosher. Then the process starts all over again.